Digitize and automate hotel operations with Cloudbeds and HelloShift integration

  • Guest reservations are automatically synced into HelloShift. Hotel guests receive automated, routine messages and use their favorite messaging apps to connect with the Front Desk.
  • Room status is synced into HelloShift for easy and accurate room assignments. As housekeepers clean rooms, the room status is synced back into Cloudbeds.

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Easily connect to or disconnect from Cloudbeds

  • HelloShift Customers Go to ADMIN > Site Settings > Integrations and click the connect/disconnect button.
    Cloudbeds Connect
    Cloudbeds Disconnect
  • Cloudbeds Customers Fo llow theps to connect from Cloudbeds Marketplace. This will automatically create your HelloShift site (or multiple HelloShift sites for group accounts).

    Step 1
    Login to your Cloudbeds Account and select the ‘Manage’ icon in the top right
    Cloudbeds Connect step 1

    Step 2
    Scroll down and select ‘Marketplace’ under Apps and Integrations
    Cloudbeds Connect step 2

    Step 3
    Enter HelloShift in the search box, select ‘Learn More’, and then click on ‘Connect App’
    Cloudbeds Connect step 3

    Step 4
    Review the permissions and Authorise the connection
    Cloudbeds Connect step 4

    Step 5
    Follow the onboarding steps to customize your HelloShift site and start using HelloShift right away!
    Or schedule an onboarding demo to get the most out of HelloShift. Need help or have support questions, contact us.

    To disconnect, follow the steps explained here.

Simple tools for hotels using Cloudbeds

Guest Messaging & WebChat

Guest Messaging & WebChat

Provide white glove service that puts guests in charge. Automate routine texts when guests need you most, like before check-in. Artificial intelligence and other bells and whistles create a superior experience.

Contactless Checkin App

Contactless Checkin

Guests can skip the Front Desk and complete the checkin on the fly, on their computer or personal mobile device with no third-party app to download. The digital guidebook answers most of guest questions without having to involve hotel staff. This drives significant efficiency while providing guests the convenience of self-service. Digital keys and digital payments are available through our partners.

Service Delivery Staff Collaboration

Staff Collaboration

Say goodbye to your logbook, bottomless text/email threads, and confusing spreadsheets. Say hello to modern messaging and connect your hotels like never before. Use notes, tasks, checklists, and templates for preventive maintenance, flash reports, sales CRM, wiki, lost & found, tracking (e.g., daily pool temps), and more. Find out how to create Housekeeping tasks and Maintenance workorders with Cloudbeds.

Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping Management

Let’s face it - scheduling room cleaning can sap hours from your team’s day - every day - forever and ever.
With HelloShift Housekeeping app, you will monitor the rooms' cleanliness in an easy and fast way.

Find out how Cloudbeds integration with HelloShift helped Clear Sky Resorts become a digital hotel.

Cloudbeds: Cloudbeds’ property management system (PMS), is a cloud-based front desk for your property. With it, you can check-in and check-out guests using an attractive drag-and-drop interface. Use it to push updated availability to your internet booking engine and channel manager.

“ With the ability to communicate seamlessly across multiple departments, share information, make updates and address guest issues quickly in HelloShift we were able to overcome the difficulties we faced more efficiently than we believed possible. Our guests frequently made comments about the speed with which we communicated and responded to their needs. ”

HelloShift is cloud-based and works across web, iOS, & Android apps.

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