Staff Collaboration

Connect your hotels with an integrated messaging platform teams learn quickly and love to use.
Tasks & Checklists

Fast, Easy, & Familiar

  1. Use a familiar Facebook-like interface everyone knows.
  2. Enter everything in one field with @mentioning and #tagging - forget complicated forms or hard-to-find modules.
  3. Empower staff to collaborate across shifts and departments using tasks and checklists.
  4. Manage guest messages in the same flow.
Hotel Checklist

Automate & Forget

Schedule recurring checklists for front desk, sales, preventive maintenance, and more!
Mobile Alerts & Notifications

Customize Alerts & Notifications

Users choose how to receive notifications - desktop, email, iPhone app, and/or Android app.
Package Lost & Found

Track Packages and Lost & Found

Handle guest packages and track Lost & Found items easily.
Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Plan and organize your meetings, conference room bookings, important events with a hotel-wide calendar. Keep staff up-to-date with notifications and reminders.

“ With HelloShift we have seen an almost immediate improvement in the amount and efficiency of communication between all departments. It allows us to complete guest requests very quickly and ensures that the entire staff can keep up with the status of those requests. HelloShift has revolutionized the old school communications log and paper request system. Our hotels will never look back. ”

HelloShift is cloud-based and works across web, iOS, & Android apps.

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