Preventive Maintenance

Maintain rooms and assets with recurring checklists and custom inspections.

Asset Management & Tracking

Protect your investment - track routine maintenance tasks and ongoing issues with ease.
Pool Readings

Measure & Track Readings

Measure, log, and manage custom readings for pool, boiler, spa etc.
Custom Inspection

Customizable Inspections & Checklists

Create custom inspections and checklists that are unique to your property. Schedule recurring inspections and checklists.

“ I have never used a product I feel so positive about. In the hotel business, communication is the key to success. Instead of combing through logbooks I see all communication on one screen, from my phone or computer. My staff is more accountable; I don't have to be on site because I track everything and communicate with them in real-time. ”

HelloShift is cloud-based and works across web, iOS, & Android apps.

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