Hotel Contactless Checkin App

HelloShift makes it easy for guests to checkin on the fly, on their computer or personal mobile device with no third-party app to download. This drives significat efficiency to your hotel Front Desk operations.
Contactless Checkin App

Contactless Checkin

Use HelloShift Guest Automations to send checkin links to all your upcoming arrivals.
Document Scan Passport ID

Document Scan

Allow guests to upload identification documents.
Digital Signature for hotel guest mobile messaging

Digital Signature

Guests and hotels are now looking for ways to limit the exposure risk, and digital signature is one way to achieve it. A guest can sign on their phone and the signature is captured for your records. Staff is notified when a document is accepted and signed.
Mobile Digital Keys for Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry with mobile digital keys allows guests to skip the Front Desk entirely.
Customizable Guidebook

Customizable Guidebook

A customizable guidebook with your logo, colors, and brand that is available to all your guests without having to download an app.

“ Incorporating HelloShift into our daily operations has taken us to the next level. Guests are sent a text on the day of arrival. The responses are overwhelmingly positive and this advance communication makes check-in a breeze. Throughout a guest's stay, communicating with the front desk is simple; the guest just replies to the chat string and anyone at the front desk can respond. ”

HelloShift is cloud-based and works across web, iOS, & Android apps.

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