Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey: 50 Helpful Questions (+ Survey Template)

A hotel depends on its guests to stay in business. Nothing complicated about that. But it’s not just about how many guests you can attract – but how many satisfied guests leave your hotel. For hotels in North America, things aren’t looking good.

According to a review of 6 million user-generated reviews and 20 million online comments, guests are more dissatisfied with hotel stays compared to before the pandemic. The biggest decline in guest satisfaction was seen in North America, with a Global Review Index of 83.3 percent, a drop of 3.5 points from 2019.

If you want to know just how satisfied your clients are, you should prepare a hotel guest satisfaction survey. 

What is a Guest Satisfaction Survey?

A Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey is a tool used by hotels to gather feedback from their guests about their experiences during their stay. These surveys typically cover various aspects of the guest experience, including the quality of accommodations, cleanliness, amenities, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

These surveys collect valuable insights from guests to understand what they enjoyed about their stay and areas where improvements may be needed. By analyzing the feedback from these surveys, hotels can identify trends, address issues, and enhance the overall guest experience.

How Can a Guest Satisfaction Survey Help You?

A guest satisfaction survey can be a valuable tool for businesses in various industries, especially those in the hospitality sector, such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Here’s how it can help:

  • Understanding Customer Experience: Guest satisfaction surveys provide insights into the customer experience. They help businesses understand what guests like and dislike about their products or services from when they arrive until they leave. This understanding is crucial for improving and refining the overall customer experience.
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement: Businesses can pinpoint specific areas that need improvement by collecting feedback directly from guests. Identifying these areas allows businesses to prioritize and address issues effectively, whether it’s cleanliness, staff friendliness, amenities, or other factors.
  • Measuring Performance: Guest satisfaction surveys allow businesses to track their performance over time. By comparing results from different periods, businesses can see if changes or improvements have had the desired impact on guest satisfaction levels.
  • Building Customer Loyalty: Showing guests that their opinions matter by actively seeking their feedback can help build loyalty. When guests see that a business is responsive to their feedback and actively works to improve their experience, they are more likely to return in the future and recommend the business to others.
  • Benchmarking Against Competitors: Guest satisfaction surveys can also provide insights into how a business stacks up against its competitors. Benchmarking against industry standards or competitors’ performance can help identify areas where the business excels and areas where it falls short, allowing for strategic adjustments to stay competitive.

Why Should You Use a Guest Satisfaction Survey?

A hotel guest satisfaction survey can be incredibly beneficial for various reasons:

  • Benchmarking Performance: Hoteliers can use satisfaction survey data to compare their performance against industry benchmarks or competitors. This benchmarking process provides valuable insights into how the hotel fares compared to others in the market and helps identify areas where they may need to catch up or differentiate themselves.
  • Improving Reputation and Brand Image: Positive feedback gathered from guest satisfaction surveys can be used to highlight the hotel’s strengths and showcase positive guest experiences. This can lead to improved reputation and brand image, attracting more guests and fostering loyalty among existing ones.
  • Reducing Negative Reviews and Complaints: Proactively addressing issues raised in guest satisfaction surveys can help prevent negative reviews and complaints. By resolving issues promptly and effectively, hotels can mitigate potential damage to their reputation and maintain positive relationships with guests.

50 Helpful Survey Questions (+Survey Template)

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a template you can copy and use for your hotel. If you want, you can also edit the survey to your wishes, meaning you can add or subtract questions. You can find the survey by clicking this link here.

But if you want to look at each individual question and why you should ask your guests something like that – we’ve got you covered. Below, you can find 50 hotel guest satisfaction questions for your survey.

1. How would you rate the ease of the check-in process?

This question evaluates the efficiency and user-friendliness of the check-in experience at the hotel. It aims to identify any hurdles or delays guests might encounter upon arrival, ensuring a smooth start to their stay.

2. Were you satisfied with the cleanliness of your room upon arrival?

This question assesses guests’ initial impressions of their rooms, focusing on cleanliness and readiness. A clean room is fundamental to guest satisfaction and sets the tone for their entire stay.

3. Did the room amenities meet your expectations?

This inquiry gauges whether the provided room amenities, such as toiletries, linens, and technology, align with guest expectations. It helps the hotel understand if the amenities offered are sufficient and satisfactory.

4. How comfortable was your bed?

Comfortable bedding is crucial for a restful stay, so this question seeks feedback on the bed’s comfort level. It helps ensure that guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep, which is a core aspect of their overall experience.

5. How would you rate the quality of the in-room dining service?

This question evaluates the in-room dining experience, covering aspects like menu variety, food quality, promptness of service, and presentation. It’s vital to understand the effectiveness of dining options in enhancing the guest experience.

6. Were the hotel staff friendly and helpful during your stay?

Friendly and helpful staff are key to a pleasant hotel experience. This question assesses how guests perceive the attentiveness, professionalism, and overall service quality of the hotel staff.

7. How effective was the room service in responding to your needs?

This seeks to understand the efficiency and reliability of room service in meeting guests’ requests, from extra pillows to food orders. It’s an important aspect of the hotel’s responsiveness and guest care.

8. Did the hotel’s facilities (e.g., pool, gym) enhance your stay?

This question inquires about the contribution of additional hotel facilities, like the swimming pool or gym, to the overall guest experience. It assesses whether these amenities add value to the guests’ stay.

9. How would you rate the variety and quality of food at our restaurant(s)?

It evaluates the dining experiences outside of room service, focusing on the diversity and quality of food in the hotel’s on-site restaurants and bars. A great dining experience can significantly enhance a guest’s stay.

10. Were you satisfied with the level of noise control in and around your room?

This question addresses the hotel’s ability to maintain a quiet and peaceful environment, minimizing noise disturbances from both inside and outside the hotel. Peace and quiet are crucial for guest comfort and satisfaction.

11. How easy was it to connect and use the Wi-Fi service?

In today’s connected world, reliable Wi-Fi is a must-have for guests. This question assesses the ease of connecting to and the quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi service, which is essential for both leisure and business travelers.

12. Was the temperature control in your room satisfactory?

This seeks feedback on the room’s climate control system, ensuring guests can easily adjust the temperature to their comfort level. Effective temperature control is vital for creating a comfortable room environment.

13. How would you describe your overall sleep quality during your stay?

Good sleep quality is a cornerstone of a positive hotel experience. This question aims to gather insights into how well the hotel facilitates restful sleep through comfortable beds, quiet rooms, and effective temperature control.

14. Did you utilize the concierge service and, if so, how would you rate it?

For guests who use the concierge service, this question evaluates the helpfulness, knowledge, and efficiency of the concierge in enhancing their stay, from making reservations to offering local recommendations.

15. Were the common areas (lobbies, hallways) well-maintained and clean?

This question assesses the cleanliness and upkeep of the hotel’s shared spaces, such as lobbies, hallways, and lounges. Well-maintained common areas contribute to a positive impression and guest comfort.

16. How satisfied were you with the check-out process?

The check-out process is the last impression a guest has of the hotel, making its efficiency and smoothness crucial. This question evaluates how satisfied guests are with the ease and speed of the check-out experience.

17. Did you feel the overall ambiance of the hotel contributed to your experience?

This question probes into how the hotel’s overall atmosphere, including its design, decor, and ambiance, influences the guest experience. A pleasing ambiance can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and overall stay.

18. How likely are you to recommend our hotel to friends and family?

The likelihood of recommending the hotel is a strong indicator of overall satisfaction and a positive experience. This question helps gauge guest loyalty and the hotel’s success in meeting or exceeding expectations.

19. Was the hotel’s location convenient for your purposes?

Location is a key factor in choosing a hotel. This question seeks to understand whether the hotel’s location met the guests’ needs in terms of proximity to attractions, business centers, or transportation hubs.

20. Did you find our hotel to be a good value for the price?

This question evaluates guests’ perceptions of value for money, considering the cost of their stay relative to the quality of services, amenities, and overall experience provided by the hotel.

21. How responsive were hotel staff to any issues or requests you had?

Staff responsiveness to guest needs, questions, or issues is crucial for a satisfactory stay. This question assesses how effectively and promptly the hotel staff addressed guests’ concerns during their stay.

22. Were you informed about all the hotel services and amenities available to you?

This inquires whether guests were adequately informed about the hotel’s services and amenities, ensuring they could fully utilize and enjoy what the hotel has to offer.

23. How would you rate the safety and security measures of the hotel?

Safety and security are paramount for guests. This question seeks feedback on the hotel’s efforts to ensure guest safety through security measures, staff training, and emergency preparedness.

24. Did you use any special services (spa, business center), and how satisfied were you with them?

For guests who used additional services like the spa or business center, this question evaluates their satisfaction with these facilities, focusing on quality, convenience, and the overall enhancement of their stay.

25. How well did the hotel accommodate any special requests you had (e.g., dietary, accessibility)?

This question assesses the hotel’s flexibility and effectiveness in meeting special guest needs, such as dietary restrictions or accessibility requirements, which are essential for an inclusive and accommodating guest experience.

26. How satisfied were you with the parking facilities (if applicable)?

This question evaluates the convenience, security, and accessibility of the hotel’s parking facilities, which can significantly impact guests who arrive by car.

27. Was the interior design and decoration of the hotel to your liking?

It assesses guests’ appreciation for the aesthetic aspects of the hotel, including its style, art, and overall design, which contribute to the ambiance and experience.

28. How would you rate the environmental sustainability practices of the hotel?

This question gauges the guest’s perception of the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, an increasingly important factor for many travelers.

29. Did you attend any events or use any meeting facilities at the hotel? How was your experience?

For guests who utilized event or meeting spaces, this question seeks feedback on the facilities’ quality, the service provided, and the overall satisfaction with the experience.

30. How satisfied were you with the laundry or dry cleaning services (if used)?

This inquires about the convenience, quality, and timeliness of the hotel’s laundry and dry cleaning services, which are important for guests needing garment care during their stay.

31. How did you find the overall cleanliness of the hotel outside of your room?

It assesses the guest’s perception of the hotel’s maintenance and cleanliness in areas beyond their personal room, reflecting the hotel’s overall hygiene standards.

32. Were there any hotel staff members who made your stay particularly memorable?

This question allows guests to acknowledge exceptional service from specific staff members, highlighting instances of outstanding hospitality and care.

33. How would you rate the quality of television, entertainment, and multimedia options in your room?

It evaluates the in-room entertainment options provided by the hotel, such as TV quality, channel selection, and other multimedia facilities, which enhance the guest’s in-room experience.

34. Did the hotel provide adequate information and guidance on local attractions and activities?

This question assesses the hotel’s role in enhancing the guest’s overall travel experience by providing valuable information about local sights, activities, and cultural events.

35. How would you rate your experience with the hotel’s booking process?

It inquires about the ease, clarity, and convenience of the booking process, from the hotel’s website to third-party platforms, impacting the initial impression of the hotel.

36. Did you experience any problems during your stay, and how well were they resolved?

This question seeks to identify any issues encountered during the stay and evaluates the hotel’s effectiveness in addressing and resolving these problems, crucial for guest satisfaction.

37. How satisfied were you with the variety and availability of in-room refreshments (mini-bar, tea/coffee)?

It gauges guest satisfaction with the selection and quality of in-room refreshments, which contribute to convenience and comfort during their stay.

38. How would you rate the acoustic insulation in your room (ability to block external sounds)?

This assesses the effectiveness of the room’s soundproofing in providing a quiet and disturbance-free environment, crucial for guest privacy and relaxation.

39. Did the hotel’s dining options cater well to your dietary requirements and preferences?

It evaluates the hotel’s ability to accommodate diverse dietary needs and preferences, reflecting the inclusivity and flexibility of its dining services.

40. How would you describe the responsiveness of the housekeeping staff?

This question seeks feedback on the efficiency, thoroughness, and discretion of the housekeeping service, which plays a significant role in maintaining room comfort and cleanliness.

41. Did the hotel offer any unique experiences or amenities that enhanced your stay?

It inquires about any distinctive features or services provided by the hotel that contributed positively to the guest’s experience, setting the hotel apart from others.

42. How would you rate the ease of navigating the hotel and its facilities?

This assesses how user-friendly the hotel layout is, including signage, accessibility, and the ease with which guests can find and utilize various facilities and services.

43. Were the bathroom facilities and amenities up to your standards?

It evaluates the cleanliness, functionality, and quality of bathroom amenities, an essential aspect of guest comfort and satisfaction.

44. How satisfied were you with the level of privacy offered in your room and throughout the hotel?

This question gauges the guest’s sense of privacy and seclusion within their room and the hotel, reflecting the hotel’s ability to provide a secure and private environment.

45. Did the hotel provide sufficient and convenient electrical outlets and charging stations in your room?

It assesses the availability and convenience of power sources within the room, crucial for charging devices and using electronic amenities.

46. How would you describe your experience with any transportation services offered by the hotel (shuttles, car hire)?

This inquires about the quality, convenience, and reliability of the hotel’s transportation services, which can significantly enhance the guest’s mobility and overall experience.

47. Was there anything about your room or the hotel that exceeded your expectations?

This question allows guests to highlight any aspects of their stay that were particularly impressive or surpassed what they anticipated, contributing to memorable experiences.

48. How likely are you to stay with us again in the future?

It gauges the guest’s overall satisfaction and loyalty by asking about their willingness to return, reflecting the hotel’s success in creating a positive and lasting impression.

49. Were there any areas or services you think the hotel could improve upon?

This open-ended question invites constructive feedback on any aspects of the hotel that could be enhanced, helping identify opportunities for improvement.

50. Can you please share any additional questions or suggestions you have?

This provides a space for guests to offer open-ended feedback or suggestions that may not have been covered by the specific questions, giving valuable insights into areas for enhancement.

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