Streamline Your Preventive Maintenance

Maintain rooms and assets with recurring checklists and custom inspections.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Hotel preventive maintenance means regularly checking and keeping the hotel's facilities and equipment in good condition to prevent problems and make them last longer. This includes tasks like changing light bulbs, cleaning air conditioning filters, and inspecting plumbing and electrical systems.

The goal is to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems. This reduces the need for costly repairs and minimizes disruption to hotel operations.

Hotel Preventive Maintenance App

Hotel Maintenance App

Proactive Maintenance Software with Asset Management & Tracking

Protect your investment - track routine maintenance tasks and ongoing issues with ease.
Pool Readings

Measure & Track Readings for Pools, Boilers

Measure, log, and manage custom readings for pool, boiler, spa etc.
Preventive Maintenance Checklist Software for Hotels

Customizable Inspection & Checklist Software for Hotels

Create custom inspections and checklists that are unique to your property. Schedule recurring inspections and checklists. Check if your hotel is inspection ready.
Hotel Inventory App

Hotel Inventory Management App

Maintain a list of all hotel supplies in one place with important information like brand, model, warranty etc. View and track the inventory and get automatic notifications when it’s time to reorder.

“ Incorporating HelloShift into our daily operations has taken us to the next level. Guests are sent a text on the day of arrival. The responses are overwhelmingly positive and this advance communication makes check-in a breeze. Throughout a guest's stay, communicating with the front desk is simple; the guest just replies to the chat string and anyone at the front desk can respond. ”

Elizabeth Brooke, Owner, The Provincetown Hotel at Gabriel’s

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