Hotel Walk-In

A walk-in guest is a person who arrives at a hotel without a prior reservation. This can happen for various reasons, such as a last-minute travel decision or unexpected circumstances. Hotels typically accommodate walk-in guests based on availability, but it's always advisable to call ahead or check online to confirm room availability.

What is a Walk-In?

A walk-in guest is a term used in the hospitality industry to refer to a person who arrives at a hotel or restaurant without a prior reservation or appointment. It is common for hotels to oversell their rooms by a small percentage, similar to how airlines oversell their flights.

That means that sometimes, even though a hotel accepts a reservation, they may not actually have a room available when the guest arrives. In this case, the guest is considered a walk-in and may be accommodated in another hotel.

How do Hotels Deal With Walk-In Guests?

Hotels have procedures for handling walk-in guests. These may involve checking for available rooms, verifying identification, collecting payment, and issuing room keys. Some hotels may offer discounts or special rates to walk-in guests, depending on occupancy and other factors.

Tips for Handling Walk-In Guests

Never underestimate the importance of a walk-in guest, as they have chosen to visit your establishment. It is crucial to handle them with professionalism and hospitality. Here’s how to handle a walk-in guest:

  • Greet walk-in guests warmly and make them feel welcome
  • Treat them as you would a registered guest
  • Verify their reservation if they have one
  • Offer assistance and a seat if possible
  • Engage with them and provide a positive customer service experience
Handling walk-in guests without reservations can be challenging, but with the right approach and customer service skills, it can be a positive experience for both the guest and the establishment.

FAQs About Walk-In

Q: What is a Walk Up in a Hotel?

A: The walk-up rate at a hotel refers to the price charged to a customer who arrives without a reservation. These guests often seek immediate accommodation or dining services.

Q: How do You Check In a Walk In Guest?

A: Start by warmly greeting the walk-in guest and making them feel welcome. Ask how you can assist them and if they need any help with their luggage. Check the room availability for the guest's desired dates and room type. If a room is available, offer it to the guest and inform them of the room charges. If the guest accepts the room, ask them to complete a registration form.

Q: Is It More Expensive to Walk In a Hotel?

A: In most cases, booking a hotel online is cheaper than walking in and negotiating a rate at the front desk. This is because online booking platforms often have access to special deals and discounts that are not available to walk-in guests.

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