What keeps hotel staff happy? 9 ways to improve employee satisfaction

There’s no doubt about it: the smooth daily operation of a hotel comes down to its staff! 

As JW Marriott said, “If you take care of them (staff), they’ll take care of your customers and the customers will keep coming back again and again.”

Happy hotel staff means happy guests, which means a better reputation and more success for your hotel. According to research, happy employees can lead to a 12% increase in hotel profitability and 24% less turnover. 

Insights for keeping hotel staff happy in their jobs

It really does pay to invest time and money into keeping your staff job satisfaction levels high. So what keeps hotel staff happy? Let’s take a look. 

Investigate your company culture

Hotels tend to focus most of their energy on customer satisfaction and brand image, while neglecting their internal company culture. Keeping the internal company culture and a satisfied staff is all the more important now, considering the hiring difficulties in hospitality.  Do regular check-ins to ensure that everything’s running smoothly and your team is all on the same page. 

Do your employees openly share ideas? Is there team cohesion in your business? Does everyone share your core values? How do your employees feel about your work environment? 

Your staff should be comfortable at work, and feel like their voices are being heard. 

Improve communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than working for a company with terrible communication. We have so many tech tools at our fingertips these days, so improving your internal communication is a simple way to boost staff happiness. 

A digital hotel management system like HelloShift connects your guests, staff, and operations in an all-in-one platform that is as easy to use as Facebook. Staff can see all the information they need at a glance, without wasting time and energy on ineffective communication methods. 

Do away with clunky, outdated technology like walkie-talkies, and go digital—your staff will thank you for it. Digitizing your hotel means that daily tasks are completed with greater ease, speed, and quality. The smoother your employee’s jobs are, the happier they are. 

Use analytics to keep track of your progress

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on without solid data. Tracking engagement, performance, and employee happiness from a variety of different perspectives will go a long way in informing management tactics. 

Seeing how employees are interacting with their co-workers and superiors, as well as guests, can give a great insight into how and where they need support—especially during and after the pandemic when teams are working remotely or in smaller groups. 

Run surveys and conduct research

You ask customers for feedback and reviews, so why not do the same for your staff? Anonymous employee surveys are a great way to gain valuable insight into the sentiments of your staff and their satisfaction levels. 

Encourage your staff to always air any grievances or pain points that they may encounter while doing their job—and be open with them in return. Fostering a feeling of transparency is essential for gaining a real understanding of staff happiness levels. 

Provide ongoing support

A hotel simply cannot survive without staff, so caring about employees’ mental health and emotional stability should be a major priority. This could be weekly happy hour sessions, regular fun activities, online learning opportunities, a virtual book club, or even something as simple as free coffee and snacks in the break room.  

Ask your employees what they want, and do what you can to deliver on that. 

Streamline guest relations

Working with the public has its tricky moments, as we all well know. So the easier guest management becomes for your staff, the more likely they are to resolve customer service issues quickly and painlessly. 

Here’s where digital automation can come in handy again.  Let your staff handle the more interesting and interactive aspects of guest relations, and let artificial intelligence do the rest. HotelShift’s guest messaging platform makes communication incredibly simple, with automated text messages and an AI intent detection assistant. 

Present advancement opportunities

The hotel industry sees a lot of turnovers. In hospitality, it’s not uncommon for a staff member to leave after six months for a new or better opportunity. Unlike typical companies where workers spend 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, there aren’t as many hotel advancement opportunities.

But if you want to keep your turnover costs low, keep promotions and opportunities on the table for every single employee. Show them that working hard and being successful in their roles can lead to new opportunities within your business.

This could include a pledge to fill new roles from within the company, fixed pay raises each year, or partial tuition for hospitality degrees for long-term employees. 

Show your staff that you’re committed to their future, and appreciative for their service. 

Don’t underestimate a simple ‘thank you’

Thanking your staff for their work doesn’t always have to come in the form of bonuses and perks. Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’, and an acknowledgment of their hard work does more than you could imagine. 

When staff feel recognized, it reinforces their confidence and encourages others to work harder. 

Introduce benefits and perks

Ok, maybe sometimes you need more than just a thank you. Benefits are a huge way to bring talent to your workplace, and keep staff happy within the company. Among the five hotels that landed on Fortune’s list of The 100 Best Places to Work for, two common threads are perks and benefits offered to employees.

Even something as simple as a gym membership or free breakfast on Fridays can do wonders for improving a staff member’s performance on the job. Kimpton hotels allow staff members and their family members to stay at any Kimpton property for $50 a night, while Marriott offers free unlimited stays for employees who’ve been with the company for more than 25 years. 

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