HelloShift integrates with OPERA Cloud through the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP)

The integration between HelloShift and OPERA Cloud via Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) brings unprecedented efficiency to hotel operations.

HelloShift is an all-in-one hotel operations toolkit that allows hotel staff to manage guest requests, staff tasks, and hotel operations from one platform. Valerie Ross, VP Revenue at Avocet Hospitality says “With HelloShift our guests love being able to text with our staff and our customer service scores have increased because of it. Our staff finds it easy to use and the communication between departments has improved.”

The integration of HelloShift and OPERA Cloud is a game changer for the hospitality industry. By combining the power of HelloShift’s comprehensive hotel operations toolkit with the capabilities of OPERA Cloud, hotel managers can now manage all aspects of their hotel operations from one platform, providing a more efficient and streamlined experience for both staff and guests.

Ms. Ross continues, “Avocet Hospitality connected to OPERA Cloud with HelloShift using the new Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) at the beginning of 2022 and it has worked flawlessly and without any interruptions.”

With HelloShift and OPERA Cloud, hotel managers can improve guest satisfaction and increase operational efficiency, ultimately leading to higher revenues and profits. You can find HelloShift integration with OPERA Cloud in Oracle Cloud marketplace.

If you are a current user of either platform and would like to learn more about how to take advantage of this integration, please contact us for more information. 

Hotel guests receive automated texts powered by AI and are empowered with the convenience of self-service via digital hotel guidebook. Hotel teams work together with notes, tasks, and checklist software for hotels. Uptodate room status via Housekeeper mobile app.

Transform your hotel into a digital hotel. Enable guests to text your hotel and pre-checkin, empower staff with staff collaboration, and schedule room cleaning efficiently.

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