Hiring Difficulties? Top 5 Things Hoteliers are Doing…

Hiring for hospitality has gone through wild swings during the pandemic. 

Staff was let go when demand plummeted last year, understandably. The remaining staff wore multiple hats — GMs getting down and dirty with room cleaning and Revenue staff handling operations duty.

When demand started picking up this year, hotels experienced something they had not anticipated — a labor shortage. People have tried to come up with multiple explanations — generous subsidies, staff finding employment in other industries, staff dissatisfied with hospitality roles etc. There are many reasons but let us focus on solutions.

1. Pay More

The easiest and fastest way is to pay more.

Paying more is easier said than done. If you increase the pay for new, incoming staff, what are you going to do about your existing, experienced staff? The labor shortage is putting an upward pressure on wages across all staff, not just the new hires. 

And with wage increase for everyone, how are you going to maintain your hotel profitability? Keep reading.

2. Operational Efficiency

There is another way to look at these higher wages. Are you getting more output for more pay? If yes, then paying more is not an issue. You have to find ways to operate your property more efficiently. How? Keep reading.

3. Staff Wearing Multiple Hats 

Do you need all the roles? Are there people who can do more than one job? Same people who helped during the pandemic by wearing multiple hats! 

Hiring skilled, higher-paid employees and eliminating redundant roles will do more to your bottom line than any wage increase. But, your staff is already overwhelmed. How can they do more? Keep reading.

4. The Technology Factor 

Historically, technology has helped increase productivity. This has supported wage growth in all other industries. Hotels have been laggards when it comes to technology adoption. Pre-pandemic, they had the luxury of rising RevPAR. Why change processes when it is not broken? The pandemic has changed that dynamic.

While hotels have been technology shy when it came to operations, every guest and every hotel employee is walking around with a computer in their hand. That’s their smartphone. It’s time to put them to use. Time to invest in technology that improves your bottom line. 

But I already have all the technology and I’m still not seeing an improvement. What am I missing? Keep reading.

5. The Technology Difference 

Being a laggard means staying with old, antiquated technology far longer than is good for your hotel. Most hotel software is chock full of features slapped together with little thought behind user friendliness.

Hotels have staff that span the gamut: from revenue managers doing complicated spreadsheet analysis to housekeepers running between rooms to get them cleaned in a timely fashion. The hotel software, especially the one to be used by the entire workforce, has to be powerful and at the same time, dead simple to use.


Hiring is a challenge. The solution is to look at the hiring problem in a holistic way. And to do what all other industries have done — use technology to hire fewer but more productive staff.

HelloShift is providing the tools to help hotels of all sizes move from pen-and-paper, or walkie-talkie operations, to become fully digital. The hotel management software incorporates housekeeping management, guest messaging, and hotel task management, in one easy-to-use platform — streamlining the entire operation.

Transform your hotel into a digital hotel. Enable guests to text your hotel and pre-checkin, empower staff with staff collaboration, and schedule room cleaning efficiently.

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