How to Write a “Thank You for Booking With Us” Message to Your Guests

Writing a “Thank You for Booking With Us” message is more than just good manners; it’s a smart way to start a positive relationship with your guests. This simple act of appreciation makes guests feel special and sets a friendly tone for their experience with your hotel. 

Today, we’ll show you how to craft a thank you message that resonates with your guests, emphasizing its importance and offering tips to personalize it effectively. A thoughtful thank you can turn a basic booking confirmation into a memorable part of the customer’s journey.

What is a “Thank You for Booking With Us” Message?

In the hotel industry, a “Thank You for Booking With Us” message is a personalized communication sent to guests after they’ve reserved a room or service. This isn’t just a confirmation of their booking; it’s a warm, appreciative gesture that shows them they are valued. 

A “Thank You” message is the first step for hoteliers to establish a welcoming guest experience. It’s a chance to express gratitude, confirm reservation details, and introduce the unique hospitality of your hotel. By sending this message, hotels begin to foster a connection with guests, setting the stage for a memorable stay and potentially encouraging repeat visits.

The power of saying “thank you” is underestimated by many business owners. A study published in Psychological Science found that recipients of thank-you notes tend to rate their response as higher than what senders expected. 

Additionally, people often assume that others are already aware of their gratitude, which prevents them from expressing it regularly. Worrying about getting the words right or feeling awkward can also discourage people from saying thank you.

Why Are “Thank You” Messages So Important to Guests?

“Thank You” messages hold significant importance in the hotel industry. They are more than a polite gesture; they are a critical element of guest experience and satisfaction. When a guest receives a thank you message, it makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated, which can be a deciding factor in their overall impression of the hotel.

Statistics from Hotel Tech Report indicate that thank-you emails can have higher open rates than other email marketing types, suggesting that guests pay more attention to these messages. This heightened engagement presents a valuable opportunity for hotels to establish credibility and trust early in the guest relationship.

What’s more, thank you messages can influence repeat business. The previous study showed that personalized emails, including thank-you messages, significantly encourage guests to book again. By recognizing guests and initiating a cycle of reciprocity, hotels can make customers feel good about their booking decisions, increasing customer loyalty.

These messages also help set expectations for the upcoming stay and demonstrate a hotel’s commitment to detail and personalized service. When automated in the guest message platform, thank you messages also increase the likelihood of future communications being opened, enhancing ongoing guest engagement.

In essence, thank you messages are a simple yet effective tool in the hotel industry for enhancing guest experience, building lasting relationships, and driving customer loyalty.

How to Write a “Thank You” for Your Guests

Crafting a thoughtful “Thank You for Booking With Us” message for your hotel guests involves a few key steps:

1. Define the Purpose: Before writing, decide what you want to achieve with your thank you email. Is it to inform guests about your hotel, encourage them to provide feedback, or introduce them to additional services and amenities? Your objective will shape the content of your message.

2. Personalize the Subject Line: The subject line is your first opportunity to engage the guest. Use their name and a warm, appreciative tone. For example, “Thank You, [Guest’s Name], for Choosing [Hotel Name]!”

3. Acknowledge and Appreciate: Start your message by thanking the guest for their booking. Acknowledge their choice to stay with you, demonstrating that you value their decision.

4. Detail the Booking: Briefly confirm the details of their reservation. This reassures guests that their booking is secure and provides essential information at a glance.

5. Offer Additional Information: Depending on the purpose of your email, include relevant information about the hotel, local attractions, or special events happening during their stay. This enhances the guest’s anticipation and experience.

6. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA): Guide guests on next steps. This could be a link to a blog post about the local area, a prompt to explore additional services, or an invitation to leave a review after their stay.

7. Personalization Tokens: Use personalization tokens in your booking software to tailor the email specifically to each guest. This can include their name, booking details, and any personal preferences you might be aware of.

8. Avoid Over-Promotion: Focus on providing information and value rather than pushing sales. The primary goal is to make guests feel welcomed and appreciated.

9. Timing: Send the thank you email 1-2 days after the booking is made. This timing ensures your message is timely and top-of-mind.

10. Visual Appeal: Consider including appealing photos of your hotel or destination. Encourage guests to share their photos during their stay, perhaps with a special hashtag.

Remember, the goal of your thank you message is not just to acknowledge a booking but to connect with your guests personally, enhancing their overall experience and building rapport that encourages repeat visits and positive reviews.

5 “Thank You for Booking With Us” Message Examples

Creating the perfect thank you message for your hotel guests can be greatly aided by examples. Here are five templates to inspire you:

Classic Welcome Message

Subject: Welcome to [Hotel Name], [Guest’s Name]!

Message: Dear [Guest’s Name],

Thank you for choosing [Hotel Name] for your upcoming stay. We’re thrilled to host you and are preparing to make your visit memorable. Your reservation details are confirmed as follows: [Booking Details]. If there’s anything you need to enhance your stay, please let us know. We look forward to welcoming you!

Personal Touch for Repeat Guests

Subject: We’re Excited to See You Again, [Guest’s Name]!

Message: Hello [Guest’s Name],

It’s wonderful to see you again! Thank you for your continued loyalty to [Hotel Name]. We can’t wait to provide another exceptional experience. As always, we’re at your service for any special requests or questions. See you soon!

Highlighting Hotel Amenities

Subject: Get Ready for an Unforgettable Stay at [Hotel Name], [Guest’s Name]!

Message: Hi [Guest’s Name],

Thank you for booking with us! We’re eager to make your visit special. Don’t forget to enjoy our [mention unique amenities – spa, pool, restaurant]. We’re here to ensure your comfort and enjoyment throughout your stay.

Encouraging Local Exploration

Subject: Explore the Best of [Location] with [Hotel Name], [Guest’s Name]!

Message: Greetings [Guest’s Name],

Thank you for choosing [Hotel Name]. We’re excited to be your home base as you explore [Location]. Check out our guide to our website’s best local attractions and experiences. If you need recommendations or reservations, our concierge is at your service.

Post-Booking Engagement

Subject: Your Adventure at [Hotel Name] Begins, [Guest’s Name]!

Message: Dear [Guest’s Name],

Thank you for booking your stay with [Hotel Name]! As you prepare for your trip, follow us on [Social Media Links] for a sneak peek of the experiences that await you. Feel free to share your journey with us using #[HotelHashtag]. We’re excited to be part of your travel story.

These examples can be customized to reflect your hotel’s brand and the unique experience you offer. The key is maintaining a warm, welcoming tone while providing useful information that enhances the guests’ anticipation of their stay.

Closing Thoughts

Sending a “Thank You for Booking With Us” message is a small but impactful gesture for hotels. These personalized notes make guests feel special, showing they appreciate their choice. This simple act can improve guest experiences and encourage repeat visits. It’s not just about thanking someone for a booking; it’s about starting a lasting and positive relationship with each guest who chooses your hotel.

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