Looking for a Guest Messaging solution for your hotel?

To deliver phenomenal guest service, hotels need Guest Messaging to understand guests and Staff Collaboration to fulfill guest needs. Most solutions address only one or the other.

Separate Apps for Guest Messaging and Staff Collaboration

Don't Do This

Get Separate Apps

  • License, create accounts, and train staff on two separate apps
  • Click, click and click, click to track guest requests across separate apps
  • Watch helplessly as communication falls through the cracks
  • Overpay for an inferior product experience

One App for Guest Messaging and Staff Collaboration

Do This

Get Modern Messaging

  • One app includes Guest Messaging, Staff Collaboration & more
  • Loop teammates into guest conversations instantly with @mentions
  • No more dropped tasks between separate jerry-rigged apps
  • Get more bang for the buck

Get Phenomenal Results!

56% More Reviews

25% Better Reviews

HelloShift's integrated messaging platform puts all messaging and collaboration together in one place where they can be searched, viewed, and acted upon in a collaborative way by the entire hotel team.

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