How to Create Housekeeping Tasks and Maintenance Workorders with Maestro

HelloShift provides a single platform for your Front of House and Back of House to work together as one hotel team.
Here we show you how to easily create tasks or work orders and track them through their successful resolution.

Housekeeping Tasks Maintenance Workorders

01 Setup workforce

Set up your teams and departments from Maestro into HelloShift. For full accountability, create every staff member as a HelloShift user. Organize these users into various departments like Maintenance, Housekeeping, Engineering, Front Desk, Sales etc.
Tasks Workorders

02 Setup and assign task

  • Assign to a staff member or to a department
  • Short subject to describe the task
  • (Optional) add details including mentions (to notify) and tags (to categorize). You can also add photos -- remember a picture is worth 1000 words!
  • (Optional) set deadline or set task to begin in future
Task monitoring and reporting

03 Notifications and monitoring

Receive alerts as tasks are completed (or missed!). Get unprecedented visibility into team performance with task dashboard and actionable reports.


  • Find yourself creating the same task over and over e.g. change bulbs in all bulbs on first floor. We got you covered with template tasks!
  • Need to repeat the same task on a regular schedule e.g. property walk every Monday. You can use recurring tasks!
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