How HelloShift integrated with Cloudbeds helped Clear Sky Resorts to leapfrog common hotel practices and embrace all the emerging trends

It’s every hotelier’s dream to offer a one-of-a-kind vacation experience, and Clear Sky Resorts has that in spades. 

Located at the Grand Canyon, Clear Sky Resorts offers its guests a unique wilderness hide-out. The resort has 40+ individual skydomes spread out on 40 acres near the South Rim of throughout the Grand Canyon, providing an immersive environment that’s steeped in nature yet rich in the comforts of home. 

Due to its unique location, though, the business has to bring all the necessary amenities right to its guests. This is done through food trucks in place of restaurants, resort-provided entertainment, and frequent special events—an unforgettable experience, if your guests are prepared.

Clear Sky Resorts’ challenge: Communication and collaboration

Clear Sky Resorts’ one-of-a-kind stay comes with one-of-a-kind challenges, too. 

With properties scattered across the 40 acres, Clear Sky Resorts’ staff and guests are also scattered throughout the property. It’s a vast area, making communication and organization a serious hurdle. 

The Grand Canyon also has poor cell communication, so phone calls and walkie-talkie conversations are more or less off the table. 

Lastly, because of the multi-faceted experience that Clear Sky Resorts promises, most of its staff fill in multiple roles. They switch between maintenance, concierge, and food truck operation, traveling around the property in a golf cart as they do. 

HelloShift integrated with Cloudbeds made it easier to stay in touch and stay in control

Now, Clear Sky Resorts can automatically connect with guests throughout their stay

As a new hotel, Clear Sky Resorts could build its guest messaging systems from the ground up—thinking digital-first and adopting HelloShift integrated with Cloudbeds. Today and every day, messages are sent automatically at key stages of the guest lifecycle (pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay), using the all-inclusive WiFi that Clear Sky Resorts provides. Because Clear Sky Resorts uses Cloudbeds’ fully integrated PMS for guest reservation management and property operations, guest stay data is automatically updated in HelloShift. 

Real-time visibility for everyone

Clear Sky Resorts’ digital hotel runs on just two software suites—HelloShift integrated with Cloudbeds—delivering contactless messaging, operational efficiencies, and real-time synchronization. While the Housekeeping app provides in-the-moment updates on room (or dome!) status, the Staff Collaboration features mean nothing ever gets dropped. 

HelloShift CEO Sudheer Thakur says “Clear Sky Resorts creates a white glove digital hotel experience for guests using HelloShift integrated with Cloudbeds. The minute a dome is cleaned in HelloShift Housekeeping, it shows up in Cloudbeds PMS. This kind of unprecedented complete digital solution gives Clear Sky everything they need.”  

Automated notifications keep guests and staff aligned

Staff Collaboration also makes it easy for Clear Sky Resorts’ staff and guests to stay on the same page. That means letting guests know when a food truck is open and ready to serve them, letting staff know when there is a task for them on a property, and staying better organized during special events. 

This has had a huge impact, allowing everything to run more seamlessly with less dependence on direct communication. 

Neil Harris, General Manager of Clear Sky Resorts, says “Managing a hotel location with unique obstacles and needs presented several challenges to us especially being in a remote location and operating over such a large area. With the ability to communicate seamlessly across multiple departments, share information, make updates and address guest issues quickly in HelloShift we were able to overcome the difficulties we faced more efficiently than we believed possible. Many of the problems we faced became areas of strength once we used the full capabilities of HelloShift integrated with Cloudbeds. Our guests frequently made comments about the speed with which we communicated and responded to their needs.”

Embracing the latest trends has enabled Clear Sky Resorts to thrive

Sebastien Leitner, Cloudbeds Vice President of Global Partnerships, says “HelloShift fits with Cloudbeds like a hand-in-glove to provide properties like Clear Sky Resorts with a complete digital solution. Clear Sky Resorts represents the future of hospitality using connected software to deliver superior service.”

Clear Sky Resorts is a unique partner of HelloShift and Cloudbeds in that it came about during the pandemic (not the best time to open a hotel, you might think!). But as a positive, the Clear Sky Resorts business was more than willing to leave outdated hotelier strategies behind, in place of new technologies. 

It’s this mindset that has allowed Clear Sky Resorts to thrive during a difficult situation in a difficult location. Their resort is unique, modern, streamlined—and well worth a stay!

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