Maestro PMS Integration with HelloShift Brings Seamless Guest Messaging and Comprehensive Hotel Operations

New Maestro PMS integration with HelloShift makes texting with guests easier than ever.

HelloShift is helping hotels transition to a digital hotel. This involves automating all processes. The collection of open APIs offered by Maestro go a long way in achieving this vision.

HelloShift Guest Messaging does the heavy lifting for texting with guests and seamlessly integrates with Maestro PMS, pulling in guest data routinely. Automated messages are sent to guests at key touchpoints in the Guest Lifecycle – before check-in, when the guest is on-site, and after checkout. These messages are like throwing a guest a lifeline. When guests need assistance all they need to do is hit reply to the text thread on their phone.

Read more about the HelloShift-Maestro integration on the Maestro website.

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