Looking for a Quore alternative that transforms your hotel operations? Try HelloShift.

Considering using Quore but not sure if it’s right for you? Or maybe you already use it, but you’re thinking about switching to a more powerful Quore alternative?
You’re in the right place.

Why our clients prefer HelloShift to Quore?

Hotels need a platform where the Front of the House and Back of the House come together to deliver phenomenal guest service. This has become more important than ever due to staff shortages since pandemic.

For hotels looking only for a Staff Collaboration and Housekeeping solution, Quore is a decent solution. Most successful hotel businesses will need a solution for Guest Messaging and Contactless Checkin. Having your staff use two separate apps for Front of the House and Back of the House is inefficient. And glueing these separate apps together with some kind of integration leads to issues falling through the cracks.

If you are an owner (or someone with owner mentality), you want results. You want a digital solution that transforms your hotel operations. And that is what HelloShift provides -- an all-in-one toolkit for your entire hotel operation!

An all-in-one solution not only saves your staff a lot of time, it is likely going to save you money too.

But, our brand requires Quore

Best brands understand the software landscape changes fast and do not get in the way of their hoteliers using the best tool available on the market. We have modern hoteliers from all brands using HelloShift. If still unsure, please contact us.

Quore Pricing

Quore does not publish their pricing on their website.

HelloShift has simple, transparent pricing. You will be saving money as you only subscribe to what you need. More importantly, your team will be saving time using an all-in-one app.

Here is what you may be missing with Quore...

Guest Messaging & WebChat

Guest Messaging & WebChat

Provide white glove service that puts guests in charge. Automate routine texts when guests need you most, like before check-in. Artificial intelligence and other bells and whistles create a superior experience.

Contactless Checkin App

Contactless Checkin

Guests can skip the Front Desk and complete the checkin on the fly, on their computer or personal mobile device with no third-party app to download. The digital guidebook answers most of guest questions without having to involve hotel staff. This drives significant efficiency while providing guests the convenience of self-service.

We're here to make HelloShift work for you - whatever that takes!

HelloShift is cloud-based and works across web, iOS, & Android apps.

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